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Born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn and the suburbs of Chicago, I always considered myself an Easterner or Midwesterner. But I've been in L.A. long enough that I have to admit to being an Angeleno now.

I love to ride (that's me, to the right), but for a long time, I mostly played groom for my son Quinlan, who used to compete in US Eventing's Combined Training Events.

My mother's family comes from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland via Virginia, then Kentucky, then Chicago. My maternal Grandfather, Thomas Edwin Quisenberry, attended Central University in Danville (now known as Centre College). His grandfather, Dr. Ormond Beatty, was President of Centre College from 1870 to 1888 and a Professor there from ca. 1835 until his retirement in 1888. My maternal Grandmother, Quinlan Hannah Quisenberry, was born in Shelbyville, KY.

My father's family comes from Podolia in southwest Ukraine (near Chernivtsi on this map), via New York.  They survived the terrible 1919 pogrom in Proskurov, Ukraine and arrived at Ellis Island on June 9, 1922, aboard the SS Rotterdam (beginning on line 10, "Ginsenburg, Boruch"). My grandfather, Boruch (Benjamin or Bennie) Ginsberg wrote a diary for his family, which was recorded in Yiddish and translated into English by Dr. Abraham Zeigelbaum.

For more genealogical information on the Ginsberg, Ginnes, Quisenberry, Beatty or Davis families, please let me know.

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David and Chinook
David and Chinook - Beginner Novice

Thomas Edwin Quisenberry
Thomas Edwin Quisenberry

Quinlan Hannah Quisenberry
Quinlan Hannah Quisenberry