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Bonnie's Birthday/2012 Brunch Under the Oaks
Thanks for Coming Out!

Turn about is fair play they say. David's birthday party was such a surprise last year, he decided to stage a surprise of his own and enlisted a gang of co-conspirators to for a belated birthday celebration for Bonnie.
Plus, we set up a new shed with our frined's help. Not quite so much hauling back and forth as we travel up and down the coast now. The weather was fabulous this year. Check out the pictures!

And make plans to join us next year!

Other news

Britannia's new look

The old girl got a facelift (or rather, "sidelift")
this last year. More to follow, bit by bit.



Water Progress

The tank is full and the water lines to the barn area are in and running. We have not only stub-ups but working faucets. Armand has been using them for working on the ring and paddock areas. He's brought the paddocks out and we hope to have them up by later this winter or early spring.


Britannia, our English-built Horse Box (horse-carrying RV on a Volvo diesel truck chassis)

Past years holiday greetings and newsletters.

Oak Restoration Project Year 3
We had about 25 sprouts survive the second summer, but a huge surprise this fall was that some of the acorns we though had not sprouted had decided to give it a go after all. We have a number of new trees still down below the level of the grow tubes. Another big surprise is that some of the trees that got eaten have also decided they aren't giving up yet. They may be shorter but they're growing all the same. Some are practically oak bushes.

See both the water line progress and oaks tall and small here.