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Not so ancient history...

David puts the bench together

We found a cool combination picnic table and bench that seemed the perfect fit for under the big oak where we usually have the brunch. It's our first piece of furniture for Lockwood <g>. Now we have somewhere to sit and  take a rest after working on fences or whatever the latest project, or just admire the view. Follow the link for pictures of the "build".

Good-bye Jolly Green Giant
After years of faithful service since the Altanta Olympic Games, proudly proclaimed on its license frame, after hauling to all those clinics and weekly lessons, years of pony hunters, Pony Club, eventing and Young Riders at Prelim level, the JGG has found a new home and a new calling.
Jenni Grey saw the ad clear up in WA state and fell in love, just as we did all those years ago. It was a perfect match, even her colors. She flew down with her tool kit, which was a good thing since the carb needed some work after standing these last couple years. A gasket kit adventure later and off they left for Washington and its new career hauling her pair of Percherons.
We'll miss it; it was, and still is a wonderful vehicle. But we think it's found a perfect home where it will be loved and enjoyed as much as we did. Congratulations, Jenni!
The trench is dug for the well wiring and pipes to the tank, more photos here. As of September 2010, the pipes and conduit are in, the wiring is being pulled, the transformers are on order and we should have running water by October!
Food, wine and friends under the oaks
Even in this horrible recession, it was a fabulous day. Thanks to everyone who made it in person or in spirit! Be sure to put it on your calendar for the first weekend in November.
Special thanks to Mim for loaning her van, Maria & Bob for the excellent Tuscan chicken and gold medal olive spread; Debra for her delicious egg and sausage strudel, husband Steve for the bit of bubbly; Dick & Connie for their fresh off the tree Flying Apple Farm cider; Marianne & Wolfgang for fresh strawberries, o.j. and salsa; Bill for the wine support; good friends Eric & Rosie and Bart & Tony(!); and for coming all the way from the O.C., John & Liz!
Prior holidays:

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Holiday Greetings

For two years we struggled through grad school, both working full time, David heroically holding down the fort while Bonnie studied, wrote, studied, tested, studied, wrote and tested some more. But it's done! Thesis accepted, the final final taken, and with Phi Kappa Phi, and Achievment of Academic Excellence, in May 2009, we got "hooded"! Yay!! See Commencement here.